Good governance is a cornerstone principle for the Arizona Sonoran Copper Company ESG framework. Our commitment to this builds trust and reliance within the organization and with all of our stakeholders.

The Company policies and charters are detailed below.

Charters and Corporate Documents

CEO Position Description
Board of Directors Charter
Audit Committee Charter
Compensation Committee Charter
Governance & Nominating Committee Charter
Technical & Sustainability Committee Charter
Articles of Incorporation


Whistle Blower Policy
Insider Trading and Blackout Policy
Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
Health, Safety, Environmental and Community (HSEC) Policy
Diversity and Inclusion Policy
Disclosure Policy
Foreign Corrupt Practices Policy

Stakeholders and stockholders or other interested parties may communicate directly with one or more members of the Board by writing to the director or directors at the following address:

Bennett Jones LLP
Attn: Arizona Sonoran Copper Company Inc
One First Canadian Place
3400 – 100 King Street West
Toronto, ON M5X 1A4

The Company will forward the communication to the Chairman or the appropriate director or directors for response.

Whistleblower Complaint