ASARCO Reclamation

From 2009 to 2018, attempts were made by other parties to purchase the Sacaton site and associated facilities. In 2018, Cactus 110 executed a purchase agreement and prospective purchase agreement with the ASARCO Trust and the ADEQ, respectively, for the right to acquire all ASARCO land parcels representing the historic Sacaton mine, all infrastructure therein, and all associated mineral rights. The acquisition closed in July 2020 following the completion of a Site Improvement Plan undertaken by the ASARCO Trust, completed by Tetra Tech, and approved by the ADEQ.

The Site Improvement Plan included an extensive remediation study and included including environmental studies, groundwater characterization, stormwater evaluation, geochemical, geotechnical and vegetation assessments and impacted soil investigation studies.

In all, the property reclamation included historic buildings/structures, including the tailings facility (covered and revegetated), mine buildings and mine infrastructure (removed) and complete certain environmental analyses to ensure it’s work is complete.

Since 2020, the Sacaton deposits are referred to as the Cactus deposits.