Positive Work Culture

ASCU aspires to provide meaningful work opportunities and prioritize worker wellbeing and safety. ASCU's success is directly linked to the health and safety practices at its operations. All of ASCU's employees, contractors, and visitors are required to adhere to best practices in health and safety. ASCU conducts daily safety briefings with all employees and contractors working on site to build a culture of safety and vigilance. This has included specific protocols to protect employees against the spread of COVID-19. ASCU is continuing to build its safety program as the Company transitions to development of the Cactus Mine.

  • zero fatalities and zero lost-time incidences in 2020
  • 40,387 man-hours worked

Beyond workplace safety, ASCU strives to provide rewarding work and development opportunities. The Company believes that it provides competitive wages and benefits and promotes work-life balance. It is also committed to creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace where human rights are respected and enforced through its Diversity and Inclusion Policy.